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About Gonzales Texas

The City of Gonzales, founded in 1825, is located 62 miles south of Austin, 70 miles east of San Antonio, and 60 miles north of Victoria. The City has a population of 7,202 and serves as the county seat of Gonzales County. Today Gonzales aggressively seeks to broaden its economic base.

Economic Development promotes the long-term financial health and prosperity of the community through the preparation and recommendation for adoption of plans designed to guide the future growth and development of the City. Local leaders take part in specialized training in leadership and economic development.

Gonzales County has long been a leader in agribusiness in Texas. During market fluctuations or weather cycles, Gonzales agribusiness has been a main stay for the community. Beef, poultry, and pecan production are the core agribusiness for our community. Other industries that have influenced the business environment of Gonzales include the oil industry, light manufacturing, and tourism. The central business district downtown is comprised of buildings dating from the 1800's. There is also growth opportunity in Gonzales’ growing industrial park. Gonzales is a Home Rule Charter city and operates under the Council-Manager form of government.

The elected body is made up of a Mayor elected at large and four Council members elected by district. Length of office for all Council members and Mayor are three-year staggered terms. The City Council appoints the City Manager, the City Attorney, and the Municipal Court Judge. All other employees work either directly or indirectly under the direction of the City Manager.

Seizing on its history, the City is a graduate city of the Main Street Program, which is designed to restore and revitalize the downtown business district. There is also major focus on building our heritage tourism business. Gonzales is home to the only centennial museum that is still owned by a municipality. A 'Pioneer Village' depicts life in the Gonzales Colony throughout the nineteenth century. An earthen fort, built during the American Civil War, still exists north of town. Many other museums and magnificent historic homes line the tree-shaded streets of the City.

Gonzales Independent School District has well-designed programs, and there are quality health care facilities with outstanding medical staff and equipment. Gonzales' economic diversity is reflected and strengthened by its cultural diversity. The ethnic and national groups blend in a friendly and industrious community with strong town values.
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